Workshop on bridging two phases of CP Programme

Workshop on bridging two phases of the Swedish – Albanian Community Policing Programme

Friday, 10 March 2017, Grand Hotel

Purpose: To inform – in depth – regarding the both phases of the programme, with a focus on the second phase. Discuss and collect opinions and ideas on challenges and risks on three pillars of the Program.

The second phase of the Program aims at shift from the general to the particular, from quantitative to qualitative interventions, from improvements in form to those in the content, from the introduction of systems into building and consolidating them.

All interventions in this second phase will be carried out by observing two basic principles; sustainability and inclusion. The latter, based on the fact that community policing can be provided not only by a small group of selected police officers.

Philosophy, strategies and practices should be adopted by all institutions and provided by all members of staff.Programs that focus on strengthening only one unit within the institution are very ineffective and are not sustainable – is stated in the Programme document.