The Police – active role in the DV Mechanism of Pogradec – SCPA Programme

The Police – active role in the DV Mechanism of Pogradec

The NGO “Unë, Gruaja”, in the frame of the project “The Police- an active role in the DV Referral Mechanism of Pogradec”, organized on the 2nd of October 2019 a workshop in the Administrative Unit of Çërrave.

There participated the community police officer, chief nurse and nurse of the health care centers, staff of the administrative unit, teachers, psychologists of the schools, the elder man  and the coordinator of  the gender based violence of the Pogradec municipality.

This meeting served to inform the attendees on the legal obligations of each local institution to manage the DV and GBV cases and the best practices and cases were shared.

Also on the 9th of October 2019 organised an awareness raising event  in the high school “Gjergj Pekmezi” in Pogradec.  In this event participated pupils, school psychologists and community policing officers of the Pogradec Commissariat.

The purpose of this forum was to inform and increase the awareness of the youngsters on the domestic violence, violence against women, violence in intimate relationships, cyber violence and sexual harassment. There it was highlighted the partnership and cooperation with the police, sharing of knowledge on the legal provisions with pupils, teachers and parents and the preventive measures in place.

In the Administrative Unit of Çërrave, Pogradec

In the high school “Gjergj Pekmezi” in Pogradec