Workshop: DV Referral Mechanism, Pogradec – SCPA Programme

Workshop: DV Referral Mechanism, Pogradec

The NGO “Une, gruaja”, in the frame of the project “Police – its active role in the DV Referral Mechanism in Pogradec”, supported by the SCPA programme, organised a workshop in the Administrative Unit of Udenisht, Pogradec Municipality. There participated the community policing officer, the head nurses and nurses of the health care centres, staff of the administrative units, teachers, community leaders and the coordinators of the of the gender based violence of the Pogradec Municipality.

The focus of the workshop was to strengthen the capacities of the Inter-Disciplinary Technical Team of the Udenisht Administrative Unit in order to enhance the cooperation with the police and other local actors to address and support the victims of DV and GBV in a more coordinated approach.