Work starts for developing the Reception Halls’ software (RHs). – SCPA Programme

Work starts for developing the Reception Halls’ software (RHs).

During march-april 2020 , PMT has made all preliminary preparations for the start of work on the construction of electronic software for RHs.

The contracts are drafted and all the relevant documents are made up, finalized and signed. The selected company that will work on the development of the Reception Hall’s software has commenced the work.

The development of this complex and multi-dimensional software will be based on existing platforms and the creation of the new program will aim to better integrate with all platforms and systems used by ASP, as well as other line state institutions.

In conclusion, it will be an easy and user-friendly software.

The process of building the software will cover 4 aspects namely:

Module e-Albania (integration with e-Albania)

Module Logging

Module dispatch

DevOps Tools (development tools)

So far, the process has continued with out any delay and interruption throughout April and beyond.

The basic tasks for creating a working environment for programmers such as

Bitbucket, Docker HUB, Bitrix24.

V1 database scheme has been created.

The role of dispatcher in the e-Albania Module has been completed.

Virtual Machinery has also been created that will serve for the final installation of the system in the Albanian State Police.