Pillar II – SCPA Programme

Pillar II: Strategic Management

This component will focus on three main areas:

  1. Monitoring & Evaluation capacity development to both the central level (ASP HQ and MoI) and the regional and local one (RPDs and Commissariats) to collect, analyse and use data to inform management, strategic and local decisions, identify results, learn lessons and communicate better their achievements to the other institutions of the GoA and to the population of Albania.
  2. Communications: within the TRPDs to improve internal communications, as well as to institutionalise the external communications process needed to identify local priorities
  3. Coordination support at a local level with the different actors working on CSS, as well as developing explicit procedures for coordination, while at the HQ to review and coordinate strategies and action plans by striving to develop coordinated indicators with institutions across the criminal justice chain and the sharing of data.