Pillar I – SCPA Programme

Pillar I: Targeted Regional Police Directorate

Will focus in two Target Regional Police (TRPD) :

and contribute to

  1. Analysis of the gaps in the chain of competence in service delivery in the TRPDs in order to develop a targeted approach for support
  2. Providing funds for concrete projects within TRPDs to meet the identified gaps including bespoke and tightly focused training interventions, or expert mentoring support to develop procedures and soft and operational skills, management and administration skills, and relevant cross-cutting themes
  3. Providing material support to the TPRDs by reinforcing MoI/ASP efforts to improve infrastructure
  4. Enhancing police accountability through establishment/enhancement of community groups who can engage with the police at TRPD or/and Commissariat level to feed into priorities and hold police to account for their performance
  5. Providing funds for support to disseminate and replicate successful approaches to other RPDs
  6. Mentoring and advising by an international police advisor on empowering local police commanders to work in partnership with local agencies and communities in a responsive and immediate fashion and to support the ASP HQ level to ensure that the vertical linkages from the TRPDs are strengthened and elements from the TRPDs are replicated