Training of AMRE experts of LPDS – SCPA Programme

Training of AMRE experts of LPDS

During May, for a period of 2 weeks was held at the premises of the Academy of Security the training of experts of the Analysis, Monitoring, and Reporting and Evaluation (AMRE) sector of 10 LPDs of the ASP. Meanwhile, the experts of the relevant sector of TLPDs of Kukës and Elbasan continued with on the job training.

The PMT International experts in cooperation with the domestic expert dealt with a wide range of topics which were grouped into the following 5 modules:

  • Module 1 – Analysis (Situation Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Problem Analysis)
  • Module 2 – Basics of Statistics processing of tables / tables (Excel);
  • Module 3 – Extraordinary Police Operations;
  • Module 4 – Risk Analysis Method, Risk Management;
  • Module 5 – Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting.

During the training course, the participants have paid particular attention to the topics and in particular to the description of the work of the analyst and tasks, responsibilities and competences of the new sector.

The training was evaluated by the participants as the first activity devoted entirely to the analytical strategy.