Training delivered for the Youth Educators CPOs. – SCPA Programme

Training delivered for the Youth Educators CPOs.

Following the workplan for ongoing training of Community Policing Officers who are assigned for education and work with youth in schools, on 14, 15 and 17, 18 November 2022 the SCPA Program in cooperation with the experts of ASP HQ Community Policing Sector conducted training of 55 CPOs from all LPDs.

Training was delivered in 3 groups of CPOs and took place in the premises of the Police College at the Academy of Security and intended to keep the CPOs updated with the awareness modules. The entire activity was developed with the aim of strengthening their proactive and preventive role by raising awareness on safety issues among school children.

The trainees were updated on the awareness topics which mostly affect the youngsters such as: internet safety, bullying and cyber-bullying; the risks of abuse with substances as: drugs, alcohol and smoking; road safety and the recent produced module: Violent extremism, etc. During training, the CPOs could practically use the learnt techniques by presenting these topics as class work.

As in the previous training sessions, the trainees highly appreciated the activity. At the end, the SCPA delivered the awareness material for each commissariat in 12 LPDS.

The aims of this initiative, inter alia, is to educate the young generation with the safety culture and enhance the cooperation with the Police.