The Public Police Satisfaction Survey results are launched. – SCPA Programme

The Public Police Satisfaction Survey results are launched.

The fourth national survey (2013-2014-2018-2020) of the Public Satisfaction on the Police Work was conducted. This is an important tool to support the State Police in Albania to improve its work and be a public oriented – service delivery institution.
The methodology used by the company commissioned to conduct the survey IDRA, is the same as used by the EU countries, therefore the results are comparable within these countries and additionally among the four waves of the survey.
The data have been closely followed in their dynamics and there have been some improvements, but also fluctuations. However, the key objective of such survey is to feed data for the State Police in order for it to enhance different aspects of its work and also draft strategies and works plans based on public needs. A significant part of the upcoming Strategy of the State Police on Public Order and Safety 2021-2026 shall be based on these data.
For details of the survey results, please click on the link below:

Strengthening Community Policing in AL – SCPA2020