The next meeting of LCPS of Elbasan. – SCPA Programme

The next meeting of LCPS of Elbasan.

On the 30th of June 2022, at the premises of Hotel ‘Skampa” in Elbasan it was held the meeting of Local Council for Public Safety. The event was facilitated by the organization “In the family, for the family”, grantee of the 5th round of the grants’ scheme, which has recently successfully completed the project “Sustainable development starts with public safety” covering three municipalities of Elbasan district. The activity was held under the auspices of Elbasan Mayor Mr. Gledis Llatja and there participated representatives of the LCPS member institutions and organizations and the technical secretariats of the municipality, prosecution office and police commissariat etc.
The purpose of the meeting was to share with the LCPS members the finds of the survey “Local Safety Measurement Survey (LSMS) 2022” which was supported by the program “Strengthening Community Policing in Albania” (SCPA). The chairman of the Municipality Council Mr. Hektor Çiftja highly appreciated the long-term support provided by SCPA to Elbasan municipality regarding public safety. The participants appreciated the importance of the survey and its findings and above all the opportunity to access such data so they can use to conduct work to enhance safety in Elbasan town.