SCPA extends awareness campaigns to high schools – SCPA Programme

SCPA extends awareness campaigns to high schools

In the framework of the agreement implementation between the Ministry of Interior/the General Directorate of State Police and the Ministry of Science and Education, which aims to extend the awareness campaigns to high schools, on 18-21 February 2020,started training delivery for 40 security officers and psychologists of the Tirana district.

The 2-day training program was multidisciplinary and comprised following topics such as enhancing capacity building on public speaking skills to different age groups, enhancing presentation skills practicing interviewing and debating skills, planning and preparing presentations, communication with the public, audience management  and introduction with the awareness topics divided into three campaigns: the risks of abuse with harmful substances like alcohol , tobacco and marijuana; road safety, personal safety that involves bullying, internet safety etc. Special attention was paid to the topic of road safety, which coincides with the Ministry of Interior’s initiative on enhancing road safety this year.

Training was very interactive and experiences and practices in presenting these topics were exchanged among the Trainees.

At the end, participants were provided with literature and supporting materials as well as slides and videos that were produced for this purpose to be efficiently utilized in classes

By launching these cycles of trainings that will include approximately 180 security officers and psychologists, the SCPA Program anticipates involving an increased number of students in these awareness campaigns not only in 6th grade but also in expanding this group activities at high school, at country wide level. SCPA also aims at enhancing the co-operation of these two key partners in this group of activities between Assistant Community Policing Specialists (CPOs) and school security officers with the aim of preventing events and enhancing the culture of safety issues in these age groups.