Projects: Second Call – SCPA Programme

Projects: Second Call

Winning Projects for the Second Call of the Grant Scheme


  • Organization: NGO "For the Gender Integration”
    Name of Project: Empowering the role of Educational Institutions and State Police in the Community
  • Organization: Foundation "EDS"
    Name of Project: Co-operation between police and civil society for awareness raising on bicycle riding and protective measures
  • Organization: “ARSIS” Youth supporting social organization.
    Name of Project: Improving police and community cooperation
  • Organization: “Center for Business Technology and Leadership” (CBTL)
    Name of Project: Cyber Camp Tirana
  • Organization: “Gender Alliance for Development Center” (GADC)
    Name of Project: The establishment of Domestic Violence Groups in Baldushk, Farke, Peze, Borough no.7
  • Organization: Organization "In family for the family"
    Name of Project:: Strengthening community policing in the rural area of Tirana
  • Organization: Qendra për Teknologji Biznesi dhe Lidership (CBTL)
    Name of Project: CyberCamp Tirana
  • Organization: “Center for Development and Initiative”
    Name of Project: Strengthening the Police Partnership
  • Organization: “Agenda Institute”
    Name of Project: Monitoring of the public opinion in Tirana Region on the role of police in the daily life of the community
  • Organization: “Civil Society Development Center” (CSDC), Durres
    Name of Project: Mobilization of Kavajë municipality community for Community Policing
  • Organization: “GO2- Organization for Sustainable Urban Planning”
    Name of Project: Safe on the way to School


  • Organization: “Albanian Institute for Social Innovation”
    Name of Project: Police - Local Government Partnership for Gender Equality and Domestic Violence
  • Organization: NGO “Alpin”
    Name of Project: Strengthening Community Policing
  • Organization: “Stop AIDS”
    Name of Project: Strengthening the role of police in facing drugs


  • Organization: “Women's Forum”, Elbasan
    Name of Project: Interaction between State Police and the community in relation to DV and Gender based violence
  • Organization: NGO "Tjetër Vizion", Elbasan
    Name of Project: Prevention of Crime in Elbasan Region
  • Organization: “Foundation A2B”
    Name of Project: Policeman, My friend.


  • Organization: “Multifunctional Association for Culture, Education and Development”
    Name of Project: Preventing violence through police-school institutions cooperation, in implementation of community policing in Gjirokastra municipality.