Training workshop with Youth Educators – CPOs – SCPA Programme

Training workshop with Youth Educators – CPOs

Following on-going training for youth educators – CPOs, was delivered on 28-30 October 2019, at the premises of the Security Academy, the next training workshop for 60 CPOs from 12 LPS, assigned to work on awareness programmes with pupils at schools. This training workshop, which was organized in 3 groups involved selected CPOs for this function from all commissariats.

The main purpose of these on-going trainings is to strengthen their proactive and preventive role by raising young people’s awareness on safety issues.

The training program was multidisciplinary and comprised topics such as enhancing capacity building on public speaking skills to different age groups, practicing interviewing and debating skills, planning and preparing presentations The participants further developed their knowledge on the topics they will be presenting to youngster such as: the risks of abuse with harmful substances like alcohol , tobacco and marijuana; road safety, personal safety that involves bullying, internet safety etc.

Training was very interactive and experiences and practices in presenting these topics were exchanged among the CPOs of different commissariats. In addition, the SCPA Program has produced a significant number of leaflets, road safety brochures and related manuals to serve youth awareness on the 3 main modules, awareness on risk of abuse and reduction of harmful substances such as alcohol, tobacco and marijuana; road safety and personal safety including bullying / cyber-bullying and awareness on cyber safety.

At the end, participants were provided with literature and supporting materials as well as slides and videos that were produced for this purpose to be efficiently utilized in classes. All of this initiative of the Program, among others, is aimed at educating the safety culture of young age groups and enhancing cooperation with the Police.