Event: Delivering bikes to the CPOs – SCPA Programme

Event: Delivering bikes to the CPOs

On March 13th, the SCPA Program organized in Elbasan LPD, an event of delivering 5 bikes and related accessories to the CPOs in the newly created police zones in Elbasan and also visited the new premises for CPOs next to administrative unit no 4 in the city of Elbasan.

This support is  provided in the framework of reorganization of Elbasan LPD and Commissariat and the strengthening of the role the CPOs, in order to enhance cooperation with the public. This will serve to better control the territory and give the example of “green transportation” within the city.

During the event, Mr. Altin Qato, Elbasan LPD Director, presented to the Vice Minister of Interior Mrs. Romina Kuko the proposed organizational changes and the way how they are expected to improve the  efficiency of the police organization in the city, especially in relation to community policing. They thanked the program and the Swedish Government for their continuous support in this area.