Partenership Police – Local body – SCPA Programme

Partenership Police – Local body

Activities delivered in the frame of the project “Partenership Police –Local body”

In the framework of the implementation of activities of the project “Police Partnership – Local Government with the Focus on Increasing the Quality of Services for Prevention and Addressing Domestic and Gender Based Violence”, funded by SCPA on 19-20 February 2019,  were organized information and awareness-raising sessions with young students of  High School, Topojan. The awarness activities involved discusiions and provision of information on the community policing building sound partnership with police and information on domestic violence and gender-based violence.

Among other things, students were informed how they could be part of the essay and drawing competition within the project. Despite the fact that students in this school do not have access to the Internet, they expressed their willingnes and readiness to become part of the competition through the application of classical methods.