Online meetings with police officers assigned to develop awareness topics in schools. – SCPA Programme

Online meetings with police officers assigned to develop awareness topics in schools.

From 03, 04, 05 February 2021, SCPA in cooperation with the Community Policing Sector in ASP HQ, organized meetings with 29 police officers of 12 LPDs assigned to develop awareness topics in schools according to approved modules

Meetings took place virtually in 3 groups through the Zoom platform.

The agenda of the meetings focused on the following issues:

Situation Update on the staff who is assigned to carry out awareness topics in the relevant police commissariats (problems if any).
Update of the logistical situation. Condition of equipment distribution. Identification of employees who have not yet received the equipment in use?
Has the development of awareness topics started in schools?. What are the reasons for the delays?
Identification of assigned police officers on awareness topics that have not yet been trained and certified.
How is the cooperation with Local Education Directorates and school security officers?
Also, those meetings aimed to activate an alternative method of meetings (which before the pandemic period were periodic) with the main focus on solving their problems in time physical / social distancing through technological means as an effective alternative to facilitate a significant part of their work processes such as: communications, development of awareness topics in online environments and other elements according to the respective agendas.

Despite the technical difficulties, meetings were held on time and most of the invited members managed to attend them.

Problems were presented, and the commissariats, which have not yet started the development of the topics were identified, for which advice was given to start the topics in coordination with the local education offices.

In the end it was agreed that these meetings take place periodically, in the first week of the following month.