Newsletters LPD’s – SCPA Programme

Newsletters LPD’s

In order to improve the internal and external communication of the State Police, the SCPA Programme assisted the Elbasan LPD & Kukës LPD to draft and publish newsletters to be distributed to the staff of LPDs, Commissariats and Police Stations, other LPDs, the General Directorate of Police and the public via social media.
The main objectives of this activity is to inform the staff and the public on the activities carried out by such police structure and increase awareness of the public on the police work and the numbered opportunities to cooperate with the police. In the future, the Newsletters will be published by the LPD itself due to the increased capacities.
LPD Elbasan Newsletters:
newsletter 2021

LPD Elbasan: February 2021.


LPD Elbasan: Newsletter #1


LPD Elbasan: Newsletter #2


LPD Elbasan: Newsletter. April 2018


LPD Elbasan: Newsletter May 2018

LPD Kukës Newsletters:

LPD Kukës: Newsletter, May 2018


LPD Kukës: Newsletter, June 2018


LPD Kukës: Newsletter, July 2018