Monitoring visits in the commissariats of LPD Vlora. – SCPA Programme

Monitoring visits in the commissariats of LPD Vlora.

ON 16-19 May 2022, a SCPA team continued the cycle of evaluation meetings in LPD Vlora (Commissariats of Vlore, Himare, Sarandë and Delvinë).

The SCPA visiting team met with the managerial level of the above LPD including the LPD head, the relevant deputy director for Public Safety who have the attributes of the Heads of the Change Management Project Group as well as the main commissariats’ Heads.

The purpose of the meetings was to evaluate the process of changes carried out during these last months in the commissariats that are part of the above LPDs.

Team discussed with both directors about the expected results, the actual situation in relation to the final report of the implementation of the changes.
Initially, team was briefed about some of the changes that had already taken place on the ground.

The Heads of commissariats informed the SCPA Team about the steps taken so far to implement the changes foreseen by the General Director’s Order and the Internal Instruction of LPD heads. They explained in detail some of the changes implemented.