Meeting with the association “Traffic Angels” from Prizren. – SCPA Programme

Meeting with the association “Traffic Angels” from Prizren.

On June 16, 2020, a meeting was organized with Prizren based the association “Traffic Angels”.The meeting took place in SCPA program’s office in Tirana. Meeting was attended by representatives of the association led by Mr. Sefedin Kacamaku, ASP HQ Road Traffic expert, SCPA PMT leader, SCPA Road Safety Expert. Initially , the representatives of this association, made a brief expose on their activity focusing on three directions: 1) Scope of activity which was mainly in road safety; 2) Membership which consisted of young people aged 12-16; 3) Theoretical and practical preparations carried out in several stages:

‐ First stage – Knowledge about the Traffic Safety Law and regulations.

‐ Second phase- 5-day camping where knowledge is gained on First Aid, Radio Communication, Nature
Conservation and Command

‐ Third stage -evaluation and ceremonial certification

In conclusion, information was delivered that at the end of the theoretical-practical preparation, teams of young people are formed to work on the ground according to this division: Survey team and statistics; Traffic sign control team; Dedicated pedestrian crossing team; Sports team and joint team in distributing leaflets to raise awareness on road safety, lectures in schools, participation in fairs, etc.

ASP HQ representative and SCPA Program, expressing satisfaction with this visit informed visiting guests about the joint activities carried out in the field of road safety and responded positively to the request to recruit young volunteers from Albanian cities in this project. The PMT leader of SCPA program highlighted the importance that the program has given to road safety awareness activities by responding to the government’s priority in this regard, and offered its willingness to cooperate in this regard. Afterwards, the team of the Association “Traffic Angels” held a meeting with the association of auto schools.