Meeting with CPOs and PPOs of Librazhd Commissariat. – SCPA Programme

Meeting with CPOs and PPOs of Librazhd Commissariat.

On March 26, 2021, a SCPA program team consisting of the International Police Advisor, the Local Expert and the Program Coordinator paid a working visit to Librazhd Commissariat. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the process of changes that has already started to be implemented throughout Target Local Police Directorate (TLPD) of Elbasan.

The meeting was held at the premises of Librazhd police commissariat. Meeting was attended by 3 Patrol Police officers (PPO) of the Librazhd police commissariat, 2 Community Policing Officers ( CPO) (NSPK) for rural areas and 1 CPO for the urban area of Librazhd police commissariat and 2 PPOs and 2 CPOs of Përrenjas Police Post.

Meeting was also attended by the head of the public order section of Librazhd Police Commissariat.

The attendees discussed the change process that has started to be implemented in the area of responsibility of the Commissariat, the positive sides of the implemented changes and the challenges that this process presents as a whole.

Part of the discussions focused on the 2-shift system of CPOs, the gradual transfer of some tasks to the General Police Patrol, as well as the reduction of standby shifts

A topic that aroused high interest was the possible establishment of a specialized team dedicated mainly to the control of the territory.

The program experts took note of the suggestions and promised to be part of the ongoing process.