Management and Governance – SCPA Programme

The program architecture:

In addition, the monitoring matrices and the risk management matrix will play a strong role in the programme management and governance.

Programme Steering Committee

The overarching decision-making structure is the steering committee.

This comprise the MoI, ASP, DDPFFA, association of local government, civil society, other relevant ministries and agencies (such as the MoJ and Ministry of Education), and the Swedish Embassy.

Chaired by the General Director of the State Police.

Management Structure


Programme Management Team

The PMT use the steering committee as a means of raising challenges and opportunities, and provide preparatory material as appropriate.

This include the development of activities to undertake within the programme in order to achieve the desired outcomes, as well as monitoring the results at both output and outcome level and making adjustments as required.


  • Albanian State Police
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Social Welfare and Sports
  • Ministry of Health
  • Local Governments
  • Civil Society Organizations