Call for short-term Domestic Violence Expert – SCPA Programme

Call for short-term Domestic Violence Expert

Domestic violence is an issue of great concern for Albanians and there are significant efforts currently in place to deal with this issue, as well as numerous donors supporting initiatives. The law against domestic violence (2006), as amended in July 2018 and the national strategy on gender equality and its Action Plan (2016 – 2010) provide important impetus for the ASP to tackle this issue. Activities in this area require a joint-approach, given that a variety of stakeholders, from civil society to local government are involved.

The law on “On Measures against Violence in Family Relations”, as amended, underpins a multi agency response to domestic violence and places specific responsibilities and duty of care across a range of statutory bodies at state and local level. The efforts of the state agencies are supported by the very important role played by a number of voluntary agencies (national and international) in the area of victim support, among other through the set up of the Cross-Sectoral Referral System of Domestic Violence cases at local level.

The effective functioning of such a broad range of agencies needs to be carefully managed and synchronized. Some of the key stakeholders in the response chain and a high percentage of victims hold the opinion that there is room for improvement in the area of coordination and understanding of the different roles played by the ASP structures, among others. This opinion is strongly supported by the findings from a base line study on domestic violence which was conducted on behalf of the PMT in early 2012.

Hence the purpose to support the ASP to enhance the capacity to better respond to DV cases with the focus on the range of preventative measures by developing a Domestic Violence Prevention Approach and a Model on Risk Identification and Assessment of DV Cases…

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Deadline for receipt of applications: – 20 October 2018

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