Call for a contractor for LSMS II – SCPA Programme

Call for a contractor for LSMS II

Call for a contractor to conduct the survey for Local Safety Measurement System in 2 regions in Albania: Elbasan and Kukës:

Short-term consultancy
English and Albanian
Elbasan, Librazhd, Peqin, Cërrik, Gramsh, Kukës, Has and Tropojë
15 October 2019
Terms of References here:Download ToR
Purpose of Local Safety Measurement System
The Local Safety Measurement System (LSMS) will be used to measure the level of safety including real crime levels, disorder problems as well as traffic security and satisfaction with the police work at small and well defined local areas.
The System will be able to track the most problematic geographical areas as well as progress and back sets using different Police techniques besides the usual needs of clear priorities by dimensioning personnel, use it correctly and lead it in a good way.

The aim of building a successful Police Service is to achieve continuous, improved performance in the service of the citizens understood in two dimensions:
1. Safe-guarding the rule of law, i.e. democratic decisions taken by people’s representatives and
2. The immediate service delivery to individual customers/members of the public.

Especially in terms of community policing, the focus is also moving from traditional way of policing to a customer oriented focus. This places a large knowledge demand on community policing areas and the police officers working there, requiring everyone to be involved in “all” matters and know “everything”.
Enhancing and using knowledge to drive performance in community policing may be the only sustainable way to be successful and reach excellence.
The implementation of LSMS brings the project to a community policing level and involves the commissariats and the communities in their interaction to bring partnerships and direct the resources and efforts towards what really concerns the community.

Deadline for receipt of applications: - 24 September 2019, 10.00 AM.
The applications shall be submitted in English language and divided in two files:
1- Technical proposal
2- Financial proposal

The application shall be submitted electronically to

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.