Projects: First Call – SCPA Programme

Projects: First Call

Winning Projects for the First Call of the Grant Scheme


  • Organization: Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania
    Project Title: New Entrepreneurs for Encouragement and Cooperation for Implementing Community Policing in Shijak Municipality
  • Organization: Focus Center In aid of children, Association of Women with Social Problems
    Project Title: "Together for Sustainable Communities and Education"
  • Organization: "Albanian Consumer Center"
    Project Title: One Day Traffic Patrol In My Town!


  • Organization: New Epoka Center, Fier
    Project Title: Community Policing - Work together for a safe community!
  • Organization: Migration Development and Integration Institute and Divjakë activist
    Project Title: Creation of connecting bridges between Police, mechanisms for prevention of violence in society
  • Organization: Civic Resistance
    Project Title: "New Mediators"


  • Organization: Association "Young Intellectuals, The Hope"
    Project Title: Reacting for a Safer Life!
  • Organization: Institute of Roma Culture in Albania
    Project Title: "Inclusive Security" - Inclusion of Roma Youth in Increasing Community Safety in Shkodra.
  • Organization: National Center for Community Services.
    Project Title: Strike the violence, breaks silence
  • >Organization: "People in Focus" and "Youth Movement for Democracy, Puka"
    Project Title: :Puka Citizen Engagement in Improving Police-Community Interaction
  • Organization: Advisory Center for People with Disabilities
    Project Title: "Together for Our Lives"”