Albanian State Police delegation had a study visit in Portugal. – SCPA Programme

Albanian State Police delegation had a study visit in Portugal.

The SCPA Program organised a study visit during 19-23 September 2022 at the Portuguese Police of Public Safety. In the visit participated representatives from the General Directorate of State Police, two representatives of LPDs Lezhw and Fier and the program manager from the Swedish embassy Ms. Linda Gjermani.
The agenda was built around two key themes which were public order and safety, specifically community policing and road traffic safety. Therefore, visits were made at the General Directorate of Police, Lisbon Metropolitan Police, National Authority for Road Safety and the Oerias Commissariat.
During the meetings, the Portuguese police officers informed the delegation on their community policing program, especially school safety program, programs to prevent domestic violence, risk assessment and management of the DV cases, the organisational structure and the respective tasks and responsibilities, the trainings that the police officers should be involved, how they prevent road traffic accidents and the measures taken. They shared their best practices which proved to be successful despite the limited resources.
Both heads of the delegation Mr. Zef Laska, Director for Public Order and Safety and Mr. Altin Qato Head of Road Traffic Police informed their counterparts on the experience of the Albanian police and the progress achieved so far.