About SCPA – SCPA Programme

The Strategy SCPA:

“To ensure that Albanian civil society has greater access to a legally secure and efficient police system that is under civilian control and subject to civilian monitoring”.

In order to contribute, the SCPA programme is designed to facilitate a number of behavioural changes that are necessary to ensure a strong Community Policing approach. It seeks to help build mutual trust and partnership between police and communities in order to create safer neighbourhoods.
Our Theory of Change is based on the fact that there should be a more relevant and effective presence and visibility of community safety and security institutions, in order to increase the interaction between police and communities, enhance accountability and contribute to increasing mutual trust. An increased respect for human rights by the institutions will also boost accountability. It will build responsiveness, enhance trust and reinforce the knowledge across communities regarding what they should expect, and strengthen the engagement of local government structures in recognising and responding to CSS needs, together with the police.

Importantly, the behavioural changes foreseen by SCPA programme play a strong role in reducing the blame culture, as well as helping to embed a service delivery culture..

SMLS with Police work - SAPC survey 2014 - 2015


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Three LSMS surveys have been carried out so far.

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