Meeting of LCPS of Këlcyrë. – SCPA Programme

Meeting of LCPS of Këlcyrë.

On the 8th of June 2022 in Këlcyrë municipality it was held the meeting/workshop on the work of LCPS (Local Council for Public Safety), the local issues and the options for cooperation with other actors. There participated the members of the LCPS, representatives of the local government, businesses, civil society, religious communities, school head masters and media. The meeting was opened by the Mayor Mr. Klement Ndoni, who reported on the work conducted by LCPS and safety issues found. Then the Head of Përmet Commissariat, Commissar Bledar Metaj reported on the safety issues faced in Këlcyrë Municipality and the cooperation with local institutions. There were also discussed the modalities such as school being a center of community education, involvement of religious communities to support and cooperate with local structures to enhance public safety and the cooperation with local NGOs to support the families in need.

This activity was held in the frame of the project “Good-functioning of the Local Councils for Public Safety in Municipalities of Përmet, Këlcyrë and Libohovë” implemented by the Institute for Legal Policies and Studies, grantee of the 5th round of the grants’ scheme.