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The Swedish program in support to MoI/ASP on Community Policing organized in Tirana by 17 -26 November 2014, at hotel monarch, a cycle of training seminars on the topic: “STRATEGIC PLANNING AND BUDGETING; COSTING OF POLICE ACTIVITIES”.

This event was attended by over 70 representatives of Albanian State Police, mostly department directors and chiefs of sectors from the directorate general of ASP and Regional Police Directorates as well as Departments of border and migration.

The event provided a good opportunity for the leaders of the Albanian State Police to meet and share experiences with and experts from Sweden, and domestic ones. Mr. Werner Bohmert, International expert, from the German police, with previous experience in preparing and monitoring police strategies, was involved mostly on theoretical part of the course and bringing different examples from other sister organizations. The Local expert Mrs. Manjola Duli, was involved in contextualizing training curricula and leading practical exercise

Purpose of the seminar:

Was to define the mission and vision of public organization – Police organization, mode of formulation, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of a strategic plan, methods for selecting effective strategies and policies. Inform participants how to design objectives and activities to achieve these objectives. Also, the strategic planning process involved in decisions that are critical to the organization, answering to the questions: what to do, why to do and how to do it. Special emphasis will be put in elaboration of measurable indicators and costing of activities, as well as cascading down the strategies in all levels of the organization, down to lower management in Regional Police Departments (RPD).Final output – review of draft Annual Strategies for Safety in the Community at each RPD.

Seminar Objectives:

At the end of the course participants were to be able:

  1. To analyze in detail the strategic planning process of Albanian State Police as a whole and links with Regional Police Departments:
    1. To assess the strengths and weaknesses of the institution or department where they work.
    2. To analyze and identify solutions for particular issues influencing the organization’s performance.
    3. To draft mission, goals and objectives of the organization, or different units in lower organizational levels of the organization.
    4. To formulate policies and implement plans to achieve the objectives and implements activities, with focus on safety and public order.
  2. To elaborate higher quality strategic documents, specifically the Annual Strategies for Safety in the Community at RPDs level.
  3. To develop personal skills for decision making.
  4. To make the coordination of objectives with decisions taken in the framework of the Organization’s strategy.
  5. To identify the critical issues for successful implementation of the strategy.
  6. Familiarize with modern methods of management of the public sector, illustrating the theory with examples from Albanian and international practices, focused on police organizations.
  7. Understand the indicators.
  8. Be able to link desired activities with available resources.

Institutional Benefits

Equip participants with knowledge and skills to successfully manage a process of development and implementation of strategic plans in organizations where they work. It helps them work with a vision for the future and also to concentrate their energies in the same direction with the mission and vision of the organization where they work and to evaluate and correct the activities of the organization in response to a changing environment.