Workshopi II: Sistemi i matjes se sigurise lokale

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On 12-13, November, 2014, SACP in cooperation with the ASP HQ, organized at the conference room of the ASP vacation centre, in Durres


Participants: The seminar was attended by four representatives from each pilot CPD. Participants were chiefs of public order section s, referents and specialist/s for each LSMS pilot area from Tirana RPD Commissariats (com No. 1, 2, 4, 6) and Kavaja, and commissariat of Durres, (police station Fushe Kruje) Lezha, Shkodra, Fier, Vlora, Elbasan, Berat and Korca – (In total 5-6 persons for each district director). ASP HQ participated with representatives from the Department of Public order and the Department of Strategic Studies. In addition, the project workshop, was attended by two special guests, colleagues form the Swedish Police, Chief Superintendent Per Strandh and Superintendent Leif Arne Hemmingson,

Purpose of the training workshop was:

• To be able to elaborate higher quality local action plans

• To be able to improve the immediate local activities in the action plan using suitable police methods.

Training Session 1 was mainly a background of LSMS and the police activities in the context of community policing in Albania. Discussions involved Results and practical conclusions due to experiences in Albania 2013-14.

Training Session 2: Dealt with the Swedish local experiences introducing efficient Police methods on different problems, successfully used in Sweden. Lecturerers were Swedish police experts Ret. Commissioner PerSvartz and Superintendent Leif Hemmingson.

Training Session 3 was Introduction of the RPD experiences during 2013 and 2014. With the following Presentations:

• The partnership in Elbasan with the Local Government

• The actions and handlings of the problems tracked by LSMS in Lezha

Training Session 4 was an introduction of the current Albanian situation 2014.

• The organizational and practical approach on LSMS and the pilots in each commissariat. Representatives of all the Commissariats present their action plan and the implementing successes or drawbacks. 8-10 minutes each Commissariat

The 2 other training session were work group discussions on the practice of the LSMS in Albania viewed in the Commissariat context. Challenges, successes and failures as well as on the principles for the coming success using partnership solutions, street actions and administration of the pilots. Discussing improvements of the pilots, concrete example of necessary improvements, LSMS as a tool of being efficient in street level performances. How to mitigate hampering factors? Suggestions?