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On 23-24 April 2014, the SACP programme hosted a two -day training workshop at the conference room of the police recreation centre, in Durres. The subject of the workshop was “The Local Safety Measurement System”

  1. The Workshop Concept: Started by the end of last year, the Albanian State Police, with the support of the SACP has commenced the application in practice of the Local Safety Measurement System” For this purpose 10 pilot areas were selected in the 5 Regional Police Directorates (two for each RPD). The project contracted a specialized company to carry out measurement and data processing. The data were then shared with the respective RPDs and each Commissariat designed a specific Action plan to address the problems identified by the community as the local concerns. Currently there are about 4 months that these plans are being implemented in practice in each area.
  2. The purpose of the workshop: to gather together all those involved in the implementation of these plans by each pilot RPD and colleagues from ASP HQ to discuss the progress achieved so far. Two colleagues from the Swedish police, who have implemented the same system in their commissariats, were invited. They will share the practices and techniques used in Sweden with Albanian counterparts.
  3. Participants: The workshop was attended by four representatives from each pilot RPD. Participants were mostly at the level of: Head of Public Order and safety in the RPDs/Chief of Commissariat, inspectors and police force responsible for law and order in the respective AORs (areas of responsibilities). ASP HQ participated with representatives from the Department for Public security and the Department of Strategic Studies.
Session 1: was mainly focused in explanations on the concept of the LSMS and police activities in the context of community policing. Conclusions, theoretical and practical experience were discussed, giving explanation to the fact of why this concept is involved in policing.
Session 2: was a presentation of the situation in Albania in 2013 in the light of the findings contained in the LSMS report conducted in 10 pilot areas, compared with the results of the Public Satisfaction Study for police services,
Session 3: dealt mainly with the presentation of the current situation in Albania in 2014. Representatives of RPDs of Durres, Elbasan, Lezha, Tirana, Vlora exchanged their experiences in regard to the organization in their regions (RPDs) as well as the practical approaches of piloting the LSMS in each region.
Further sessions followed by discussions in working groups, in regard to: Principles for success using cooperation with the community, modern management and administration of the conditions on the ground in RPD’s and specifically in pilot areas; Discussion on improving the work in pilot areas; concrete examples of further improvements;, LSMS as a tool to guide the work on the ground. How to mitigate the obstacles? And suggestions for the next period.

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