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Workshop with the ASP senior police on PM system and community policing

In line with approved work plan, a 2 days international workshop was organized in December 2012 with participation of 40 senior ASP representatives and selected lecturers from UK, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia and Kosovo.

Apart from the lectures, 3 joint working groups (ASP/International speakers) discussed and worked out ideas for PMS and community policing.

The issues raised and discussed, the exchange of opinions and experience were found very important for the progress of CP philosophy in Albania.The workshop highlighted the ASP demand for best practices and good CP models.

The discussions in the work groups and the recommendations issued for possible interventions to the existing PMS used in police confirmed some of the findings and proposed solutions of the first PM report.

In this regard the PMT has already started the preparations for introducing some of the solutions, i.e. the local safety measurement system, based on Swedish model.


  • This assessment report is designed to assist employees of the Ministry of Interior and of the Albanian State Police for a better effective planning of steps to be undertaken following the new Strategy on the Community Policing 2015-2017, new Law on State Police, etc., and is part of a series of reports and studies compiled in the frame of Swedish Support to MoI/ASP on Community Policing Programme (SACP). (more…)
  • 29 June, 2015
    In the framework ofthe Swedish support to the Ministry of Interior and the State Police for community policing programme three LSMS surveys have been carried out so far. (more…)
  • On 14th of April 2015 was held the second conference on Community Policing focused in the police work to be closer to the citizens and its contribution to improve their life. (more…)
    • Project Title: "In partnership for safer community”
    • Name of Grantee: "Women Forum", Elbasan
    • Overall Objective: Increase the confidence in police services and the cooperation level to minimize the crime incidence. (more…)
    • Project Title:“I am the police of the future”
    • Name of Grantee: Aliona Canameti
    • Overall Objective: Establishing and maintaining of a continuing partnership between the local police, youth community. (more…)
  • Project Title: “Youth-police-media partnership facing the armed crime”

    Name of Grantee: Altin Mema
    Overall Objective: Increase media awareness on Community Policing approaches in adolescents problems solving at schools of Lac (more…)