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One of the objectives of the Swedish strategy for development cooperation with Albania 2009-2012 is to ensure access to a legally secure and efficient police system, subject to civilian monitoring. In accordance with this objective, the Albanian Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) agreed to commence a process in July 2010 to develop a programme to support community policing in Albania.

The design process was tailored by a joint international and Albanian team in order to support the (Ministry of Interior) MoI in taking the necessary decisions for the selection of the focus areas of the programme. The work was concluded in 2011 with the validation of options and the consolidation of a detailed design for the programme. It was agreed to commence the programme in March 2012 and to title it; -Swedish support to the Ministry of Interior (MoI) and the Albanian State Police (ASP) on Community Policing, 2012 /2015.

The objectives of the agreed programme are to improve the ability of the ASP to provide security and safety in a manner consistent with the principle of service delivery; and to increase trust in and willingness from individuals and communities to cooperate and actively work with the ASP to reduce crimes.

The programme is designed to provide assistance in three areas:

1- Performance Management

One of the main deficits to successfully implementing Community Policing in Albania is a lack of awareness by stakeholder groups (including the ASP) of the different activities taking place, the effect of these activities, and the ability to react to/learn and build on past performance. A Performance Management Mechanism will provide a clear benefit to the implementation of the ASP Community Policing Action Plan. However, this needs to be specifically designed to a) take into account the different ad hoc processes already in existence, and b) be adapted to the Albanian context, rather than involve the implementation of an off-the-shelf solution. The project will therefore-work through the process to design a performance management mechanism for the ASP that builds on existing strengths of the ASP in this area, and addresses existing gaps or challenges.

2- Partnership in the context of community policing with a focus on young people

One of the key roles of the CP Action Plan (2011 – 2013) is to build partnerships with a variety of stakeholders, from civil society to local government. In addition, a crosscutting challenge is the lack of clarity over respective roles and responsibilities in addressing safety and security concerns. With respect to youth, there were calls to concretely build trust between the ASP and Albanian youth, and support activities that increase the interaction and enhance the relationship between police officers and youth across the country.

3- Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is an issue of great concern for Albanians and there are significant efforts currently in place to deal with this issue, as well as numerous donors supporting initiatives. The Law against Domestic Violence (2006) as well as the National Strategy on Gender Equality, Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women (2011 – 2015) provides important impetus for the ASP to tackle this issue. The ASP CP Action Plan (2011 – 2013) section 6.3 – 6.5 highlights the need to implement the Law against Domestic Violence, as well as the need for the police to better understand this issue, as well as the trend of violence against children, through a series of studies. Activities in this area require a joint-approach in where a variety of stakeholders (from civil society to local government) are involved.

It has a planned duration of 36 months, from the start of inception phase to final completion. This report provides an account of the work that was carried out by the management team during the inception phase that commenced on 6 March 2012 and ended on 31 July 2012.