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Name of Grantee: Change Centre.

The project aimed to enhance cooperation between the State Police and the community, through open public forums including the local actors, representatives of NGOs, youth media approach as a constructive and effective in preventing and curbing the negative phenomena plaguing society today. (more…)

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Winning Organization Name: Center for Legal Civic Initiatives . The project was developed through meetings with middle school students in Vlora, Kote, Novosela and Selenice . As a result , it was possible to increase the level of awareness of participants on police-community cooperation, in particular young people . (more…)

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Jul 30, 2013 CP Project (0)

I am safe in my School - Cops are our friends

Name of Grantee: Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania.

During the period May 15, 2013 - by 15 June 2013 the Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania implemented the project "I am safe in my School - Cops are our friends" in the region of Korca (more…)

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Against children violence

Stop drugs

Safety on the Internet