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Mar 12, 2015 CP Project (0)

Project Title: “Increasing crime awareness through art”.

Name of Grantee: Arian Leka

Overall Objective: Improvement of the state police officer image through the literature and art mediums.

Activities and Outcomes:
  • One audio-comment event : Albanian translation text and the movie version of Swedish prose, writer Stig Dagerman “To kill a child”;
  • 12 discourse sessions about the role of visual media and newspaper too, in projecting the police officer image;
  • 4 creative sessions of translation – writing and projecting;
  • Study visit to the Museum of the State Police;
  • “Wall painting” session inspired by translated poems dedicated to police officers;
  • One graphic modelling paint – portrait of police officers;
  • One exhibition of student drawing and paintings;
  • Performance of a play: “Per Gynt from Kosovo”, by Jeton Neziraj.

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