CP through community coalitions as change agents

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Mar 12, 2015 CP Project (0)
  • Project Title: “The Community policing through community coalitions as change agents”
  • Name of Grantee: Center for HR and Integration of Groups in Need
  • Overall Objective: Establishing community coalitions, aiming at proper solutions to youth problems.

Activities and Outcomes:

  • One launching ceremony/stakeholders roundtable;
  • 4 open community meeting;
  • Establishment of 4 community coalitions, one in each administrative unit of Berat;
  • Two training sessions of ‘community coalitions members;
  • One training session of students, community representatives and police officers;
  • 2 consultative meetings with parents and students;
  • Action plans for community coalition developed;
  • An open day organized at the premises of RPD Berat;
  • One closure ceremony/stakeholders roundtable.

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