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Apr 24, 2014 CP Project (0)

Project Title: Prevention of gambling among high school students through integration of community policing and ecologic behavior change approaches.
Name of Grantee: Stop Aids NGO

Overall Objective: Early identification and prevention of gambling addiction among high school students in Tirana through integration of community policing and ecological behavior change models.Activities and Outcomes:

  • 5 start-up meetings;
  • 2 training sessions with zone inspectors;
  • 5 information sessions for teachers;
  • 6 awareness sessions in each school;
  • 150 questionnaires were eligible for statistical analyses on assessment of Gambling Risky Behaviours;
  • 5 short information sessions with parents per each school;
  • Production and distribution of promotional materials:
  • 2000 leaflets
  • 500 logged pens
  • 50 logged T-shirts


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