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Jul 30, 2013 CP Project (0)

I am safe in my School – Cops are our friends

Name of Grantee: Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania.

During the period May 15, 2013 – by 15 June 2013 the Institute for Change and Leadership in Albania implemented the project “I am safe in my School – Cops are our friends” in the region of Korca in two high schools “Raqi Qirinxhi” in Korca and the School “PETRONINI LUARASI” in Erseka in town. During this time were organized in school premises, meetings, visits, creative activities, exhibitions and the school premises and the respective communities daily contacts between students, school, community and police relations by promoting a more cooperative and friendly relations between the police and schools, in order to increase the safety of the community and its residents and improve the image of police in local communities.

The quantitative results of the project speak for 10 meetings in total school organized in schools (project presentations and information sessions), which were attended by more than 400 participants, students, police officers and school staff. Finally, two exhibitions of student work were realized during the project; publications were delivered during different activities with information awareness and visibility for the project: banner, leaflets and posters. In each school was prepared a standing booth in which the project displayed materials that were produced during the project, schedule and calls for activities.

Budget: 4750 Euro.

Overall Objective: Establish friendly relations between school community and police, for more effective crime prevention.

Activities and Outcomes:

  • 3 awareness sessions in the secondary school “Raqi Qirinxhi”, Korca;
  • 3 awareness sessions in the secondary school “Petro Nini Luarasi”, Erseka;
  • 2 organized visits to the RDP premises;
  • 2 exhibitions with students artistic works;
  • Production and distribution of promotional materials:
  • 1000 leaflets
  • 150 posters

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