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Jul 30, 2013 CP Project (0)

Name of Grantee: Regional Professional Journalists.

With this project, the association “Regional Professional Journalists” managed to ensure a significant presence in the local media like Korca Public RTV “Korca”, TV “Magic Star”, TV “Lobby”, TV “Today 7”, ARV “Poradeci” and in some other national print media, etc. Awareness activities aimed at touching upon a sensitive subject for the society such as the use of weapons (mainly cold) in school settings, thus having on hand a powerful tool in the fight against this crime. About fifteen thousand pupils and students of Korca district, high school, “Raqi Qirinxhi”, “Themistokli Germenji” and pupils from 9 year-grade “Sevasti Qiriazi” and “Mesonjetorja ” schools were involved “. Topics like informing the police on cases of attempted use of weapons, awareness and prevention, and visit to the police stations were the main range of activities.

Budget: 4871 Euro.

Overall Objective: Increase media and investigative journalism awareness on Community Policing approaches in adolescents problems solving.

Activities and Outcomes:

  • Training Workshop with 7 investigative journalists;
  • Production of a TV spot and transmission in two local channels;
  • Three debate meetings with participation of police officers, media representatives, students council of State University and senators of high schools and 9-year schools regarding the dangerousness of weapons;
  • A seminar: “Youth-far from weapons” with 62 participants;
  • An auditorium: “Media, public, police and the armed crime prevention in schools”, broadcasted in two local TVs.

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