The harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and drugs

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Jul 30, 2013 CP Project (0)

This project involved approximately 1300 young and new Shkodra District, school students from grades six to nine-year school until the third year of high school and young people in need especially form the vulnerable communities like Egyptian and Roma. It was conducted in four groups of activities: lectures and discussions in 11 schools, in districts of Malesia e Madhe , Puka and Shkodra on the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and marijuana (Drugs), negative psychosocial effects and the harm caused by breach of law. By May, started exhibitions of works and paintings made by the students themselves, with the theme, how they perceive themselves phenomena of Tobacco, Alcohol, Marijuana (Drugs) at the premises of their schools, which culminated with an exhibition of paintings at the Shkodra Regional Police Directorate premises. Then the project concluded with a massive event with winning students from schools participating in exhibitions and police officers accompanied with an artistic program.

Budget: 4580 Euro.

Overall Objective: Prevention and minimization of the petty crimes through school police partnership.

Activities and Outcomes:

  • 12 education sessions in 9 years schools of Shkodra on drugs usage prevention and community policing;
  • 2 education sessions with students of two secondary schools of Shkodra;
  • 14 exhibitions set up with thematic handworks of students;
  • 1 visit at the premise of Shkodra RPD with students;
  • 1 final exhibition set up in the Shkodra RPD premise with thematic handworks of students as final project event.

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