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Jul 30, 2013 CP Project (0)

Name of Grantee: Change Centre.

The project aimed to enhance cooperation between the State Police and the community, through open public forums including the local actors, representatives of NGOs, youth media approach as a constructive and effective in preventing and curbing the negative phenomena plaguing society today. 4 forums were organized with residents of Region No. 1, Vlora, including Roma community; representatives of local NGOs, girls, etc.,

Project managed to include about 60 youngsters who will be serving as peer-activists for encouraging other citizens to cooperate with police to prevent social phenomena that concern the community.

Budget: 4830 Euro.

Overall Objective: Increase effectiveness of community policing approaches through Public Forums of youth in Vlora city.

Activities and Outcomes:

  • a roundtable with 28 local decision-making actors, representatives of civil society, representatives of the Egyptian community and youth;
  • 3 education sessions involving 230 students at 9-year-old “Teli Ndini”;
  • 3 education sessions involving 220 students at high school “Ali Demi”;
  • 4 public forums with the participation of young people per each forum;
  • a Road Show in the main boulevard of Vlora town;
  • a final workshop with the participation of local authorities, representatives of the District no.1 of Vlore town, state police and youth

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