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Jul 30, 2013 CP Project (0)

Name of Grantee: The Association of Stage Young Artists.

The project developed in conformity with the prior approved phases. In the first phase ran a focus group with young people from 15-20 High School and also with representatives of the Police Directorate of Korca (the city where the project got developed). New young officers of police were involved in the discussions with the young teenagers on community policing. All these results were analyzed and built the photo-novel scenario.

The second meeting was held as an open forum for discussion, which invloved almost 70-80 high school students and senior managerial levels of Korca Police Department. All participants in the meeting expressed their opinion about the photo novel as a new means of communication and providing ideas and suggestions about how methods of police officers may become a closer approach to young people in the future.

Budget: 4860 Euro.

Overall Objective: Increase awareness on Community policing among youngsters through the production and distribution of the photonovela.

Activities and Outcomes:

  • A focus-group realised with 22 students of two secondary schools of Korca and RPD representatives;
  • Design and completion of the photonovel in 1500 copy with participation of 12 young people;
  • A discussion forum of 70 students on the community policing and the messages of photonovel.

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