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Jul 30, 2013 CP Project (0)

Winning Organization Name: Center for Legal Civic Initiatives .
The project was developed through meetings with middle school students in Vlora, Kote, Novosela and Selenice . As a result , it was possible to increase the level of awareness of participants on police-community cooperation, in particular young people . Students participating in this meeting voluntarily offered their contribution to the implementation of the project. They contributed to the activities conducted in schools, in the framework of project implementation clearly expressing achieve the expected results , raising awareness of students of the Faculty of Law, University Ismail Kemal Vlora on their role in strengthening community- police cooperation in a special way of enhancing cooperation between police and youth .
Budget: Euro 4860 .
Overall objective : Increase the level of awareness on the benefits of school – police partnership .
Activities and results :
3 education sessions in schools Nail 9 – year-old Vlora ;
2 education sessions in schools and 9 – year-old to the Selenice and Novosela Municipality Kote ;
1 Awareness Meeting with students of the Faculty of Humanities , Department of Justice , University of Vlora Ismail Kamal ;
1 student essay contest with the theme in community policing ;
1 workshop occlusive .

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