Summary of the report: “Assessment of the domestic violence structures of the Albanian State Police”[PDF]

LATEST NEWS: by SACP Programme - Swedish Support on Community Policing

  • This assessment report is designed to assist employees of the Ministry of Interior and of the Albanian State Police for a better effective planning of steps to be undertaken following the new Strategy on the Community Policing 2015-2017, new Law on State Police, etc., and is part of a series of reports and studies compiled in the frame of Swedish Support to MoI/ASP on Community Policing Programme (SACP). (more…)
  • 29 June, 2015
    In the framework ofthe Swedish support to the Ministry of Interior and the State Police for community policing programme three LSMS surveys have been carried out so far. (more…)
  • On 14th of April 2015 was held the second conference on Community Policing focused in the police work to be closer to the citizens and its contribution to improve their life. (more…)
  • 24 December, 2014
    Swedish Support to the Ministry of Interior/Albanian State Police on Community Policing (September – October 2014) (more…)
  • The Swedish program in support to MoI/ASP on Community Policing organized in Tirana by 17 -26 November 2014, at hotel monarch, a cycle of training seminars on the topic: “STRATEGIC PLANNING AND BUDGETING; COSTING OF POLICE ACTIVITIES". (more…)
  • At the start of this year the SACP program has launched the project for creating and operating Police Reception Office for citizens. Reception Offices will run in the format of "one stop shop" for all services provided by ASP to the public. After piloting stage of the Station 2 in Tirana, this project will be extended to Berat, Durres, Korca, Shkoder, Vlore and Elbasan police stations. (more…)
  • A Police Officer has been selected to be Commissariat #2 ‘s Facebook Web Constable. The Swedish Albanian Community Policing Project (SACP) is funding the activity to enhance the transparency of the Albanian State Police and improve the level of trust among the community. (more…)

Small Grants Scheme:

Projects of SGS: Fourth & Third Phase

    • Project Title: "In partnership for safer community”
    • Name of Grantee: "Women Forum", Elbasan
    • Overall Objective: Increase the confidence in police services and the cooperation level to minimize the crime incidence. (more…)
    • Project Title:“I am the police of the future”
    • Name of Grantee: Aliona Canameti
    • Overall Objective: Establishing and maintaining of a continuing partnership between the local police, youth community. (more…)
  • Project Title: “Youth-police-media partnership facing the armed crime”

    Name of Grantee: Altin Mema
    Overall Objective: Increase media awareness on Community Policing approaches in adolescents problems solving at schools of Lac (more…)
    • Project Title: “School – Police partnership to increase mutual trust”
    • Name of Grantee: Renato Hoxhaj
    • Overall Objective: Creation of a local network mandated to improve communication and solve problems among youngsters. (more…)
    • Project Title: “The Community policing through community coalitions as change agents”
    • Name of Grantee: Center for HR and Integration of Groups in Need
    • Overall Objective: Establishing community coalitions, aiming at proper solutions to youth problems. (more…)
    • Project Title: “Law enforcement – encouragement for a safe future”
    • Name of Grantee: Besmir Dalipi
    • Overall Objective: Increase the Roma/Egyptian community trust to police services. (more…)
  • Project Title:“Violence diminishing at school environment through mediation practices”

    Name of Grantee: Regional Education Directorate, Berat
    Overall Objective: Capacity enhancement of school communities to manage conflicts through community policing. (more…)
  • Project Title: “Youth education on road traffic safety”

    Name of Grantee: "For a healthy Albania" Association
    Overall Objective: Increase the awareness level of youngsters and on road traffic rules, through community policing. (more…)
  • Project Title: “Cooperate with police, report for your safety!”.

    Name of Grantee: ‘Tjeter Vizion’ Association
    Overall Objective:Promotion of the communitarian consciousness and cooperation with state police, as an effective medium for crime prevention in Cerrik, Librazhd, Peqin and Gramsh, Elbasan. (more…)
  • Project Title:“Police for a safer community and school”

    Name of Grantee: “New Epoch ” Center
    Overall Objective: Prevention and minimization of juvenile delinquency cases through community policing. (more…)
  • Project Title: “Inclusion of Roma youth to increase of community safety”.

    Name of Grantee: Institute of Romani Culture in Albania
    Overall Objective: Improvement of communication and dialog level between the Roma youth community and police in Fier Prefecture. (more…)
  • Project Title: “Community policing and human trafficking”

    Name of Grantee: ‘Action Against Trafficking’ Center
    Overall Objective: Increase of the security level of the community and the community policing in the context of human trafficking. (more…)
  • Project Title: “Against environmental crime through police work”.

    Name of Grantee: "EPER Center"
    Overall Objective: Strengthening communication and cooperation networks among young people and 6 Police Commissariats in Tirana, in relation to environmental crime. (more…)
  • Project Title: “Increasing crime awareness through art”.

    Name of Grantee: Arian Leka
    Overall Objective: Improvement of the state police officer image through the literature and art mediums. (more…)
  • Project Title: “Implementing road traffic, saves our lives”

    Name of Grantee: The Civic Association for Road Safety
    Overall Objective: Establish a sustainable partnership, between the road police service, teachers and students. (more…)
  • Project Title:“Youth facing cyber crime”

    Name of Grantee: Albanian Institute of Political Studies
    Overall Objective: Establishing bridges of partnership between students of secondary and high schools and the State Police in order to prevent cyber crimes at schools and increased confidence toward police. (more…)
  • Project Title: “All together for better confidence”

    Name of Grantee: Rete Donne Lavoro Albania
    Overall Objective: Increase of the trust to police services through the cross-sectoral approach in the communes of Dajt, Vaqarr, and Krrabe.
    Activities and Outcomes:
    • 3 Commune clubs established in Dajt, Vaqarr and Krrabe;
    • 3 training courses conducted with police officers at the commune level, representatives of municipalities, director of schools, heads of villages;
    • 30 awareness sessions with students conducted;
    • 3 awareness activities conducted with young people which are or not part of the educational system; 3 open discussions conducted;
    • One workshop with representatives of government institutions at the regional level.
  • On Friday, on 16.05.2014, the first show was held on "Community Policing", in Media Plus TV, with guests from the Department of Education, Police Department and school principals. It is also planned that, on 05/20/2014, a meetings with high school students overall "Hydajet Lezha".

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Projects of SGS: Second & First Phase

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